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Move to Blogspot

I'll move to blogspot. So, see ya xD

Ah, and this the link (if you want to visit my another blog):


Hore! Akhirnya sekolah gue libur jugaaaa... Fyuuuh seneng banget begitu Bruder bilang "Liburnya dimajukan, hari Sabtu sudah libur" habis di selebaran ditulis libur mulai tanggal 29 Agustus 2011. LAMA AMAT YAAAK, padahal sekolah YPL yang lain itu tanggal 27 udah libur. Eeeh akhirnya diralat juga tuh libur. Senangnya hatikuuuuu (´▽`ʃƪ)

Tapi sayangnya gue cuma libur seminggu. Wajar sih kan sekolah gue SMP swasta katolik... Kakak gue sih liburnya 3 minggu, dia sekolah di SMA negri sih -_- envy mamen... Ah biarlah ntar dia libur Natal cuma sebentar~

Libur kali ini tugasnya banyak... Yah wajar sih kan gue juga udah kelas sembilan... Tapi masa tugasnya ngerjain 2 buku?! Manusiawi dikit dong...  -_- tapi tugas liburan musim panas di Jepang bukunya lebih tebel dan lebih banyak lagi sih..



I've made my Heello account! :D

Heello is an online social networking and microblogging service. And it looks like Twitter :|

If you have a Heello account, please listen my account, @yuukii, and let us talk together! :3

Kelas 9

*I'm too lazy to post a new entry with English, so I use Bahasa Indonesia!*

Hai!!! Saya stress kebanyakan tugas di kelas sembilan ini~

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Filosofi Burung Elang

Ini diceritakan oleh ibu saya kira-kira 2 minggu yang lalu. Karena saya sangat menyukai filosofi elang ini, biar saya ceritakan.

Filosofi burung elangCollapse )


Hello all!!! I've got home! My trip to Bali was so fun fun fun fun :D

But there were many problems we had. Actually it was not our problem but that was another bus' problem. I didn't know what's the problem, but it really hinder our trip. Buses scheduled to depart at 7, but we went at 12 because bus A's problem. But while in Bali we were not experiencing any problems.

In Kuta, we had our new couple! They were fallin in love at sunset. So romantic. My teacher know who has had a relationship , right after we said that there was a new couple. She said that they were "a very predictable couple" lol agreed!!!

And I still have a lot of stories about this trip haha =)

By the way, I'm so tired today (so what).

See you at Saturday!

You know lah, if I would havva trip to Pulau Dewata, Bali. It will be held for 5 days. And the worst thing is. . . my pulse is dying! I only have remaining pulse of Rp 730!!!

It means I can't online for a week and I wont reply any messages, because I'm saving it lol.

So, don't miss me, yea! See you at Saturday! ;D

Bonus picture! Have a nice trip, dude! :D

I am disappointed


I feel so disappointed!Collapse )

Field Trip

Yea, tomorrow my school will hold a trip to Bali. I don't know why but I don't really excited with this trip. Maybe at first I was not interested, but when we got arrived, I think i would enjoy the trip. my stuffs have packed yesterday, so today I can relaxing haha. I hope tomorrow's trip can run well and there was no obstruction at all. :D

Taiyou no Uta why so touching?! ;;w;;

Ah, finally I watched this film. I watched this because YUI roles as the main character, Kaoru Amane. Ahaha so lame reason, right?

Yea, the film is so touching and it makes me cry. When Kaoru died, my eyes start glistening. And when the song, "Good-Bye Days" started, I was crying.

I watched this without subtitle, so I didn't understand and I was thinking like, "Hey, what were they talking about?" or, "I don't understand, could you talk in my language or in English, please...?" and they still talked in Japanese--that I can't understand--again and again. But I can a little bit understand because I noticed the film.

If you haven't watch Taiyou no Uta movie yet, you must watch this film! The storyline is so good and the film is so touching! :)